Saturday, January 30, 2010

Travel Journal

I made this for my cousin who just went to India. Used plain white paper but inserted one folio of colored card stock for each signature to insert some color- like a rainbow (I am a sucker for the bold color spectrum- so pure). I had this weird shaped piece of leather so I used it as the cover. Took the colored card stock out of the inside of the signature on the first and last signatures- and put them on the outside to give the book a little more sturdiness and endurance while traveling (both red). Used a longstitch pattern similar to the pamphlet stitch- very basic. I wrapped the end of the leather around the book and used a big button as the clasp- with a slit in the other side of the leather. This looks very cool but the leather piece pretty much came this way. I just cleaned up the bottom end so it was flush with the paper. Fairly funky- one of those risky presents that was successful. Hope she is having fun out there....

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