Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recipe Scrapbook

This one I made for my sister who is learning to cook. Cooking for me is pretty spontaneous, probably because the quantity of recipes out there is daunting and I also can't seem to be organized enough to keep track of the good ones. So instead of a cookbook, which would have been way too much work, I made more of a scrapbook. Collaged some nice food images on the covers and inserts. I used colored file folders that I cut down for the inserts (in the way my brain organizes)- tips for cooking/purchasing, small bites (appetizers), breads and pastas, meats and seafood, vegetables, big plates (casseroles and potluck meals), desserts and end things. I glued in envelopes at the end of each section for clippings. Then added my few signature dishes that get me through life- cooking a whole chicken and making stock/shredded soup with the leftovers, avocado deviled eggs, pizza dough, cheese fondue, pineapple pizza. But it was really made for her to fill out as she goes. Multi-Coptic stitching (with 4 needles) makes the cool binding. And presto- This one I wanted to keep for myself...

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