Saturday, January 30, 2010

Camping Journal

This one was for the camping lover in my family (hi mom)- and she needed a journal. Homemade boxes and sacks go hand in hand with the history of homemade books so I made this book to fit in the waterproof bag I found at a craft fair in my great city. (I did not make it myself but it was handmade by someone local- so I think it still counts.) It also has great retro camper images on it. I am proud of this one because I used the Japanese Stab Binding- and I taught it to myself. It is incredibly easy. It is fairly obvious that your holes for the binding MUST be flush- no compromises or arguing. This one was my first and I had to finish it in the car on a surprise Christmas trip home- so it is a bit off. It looks like I did it while I was drunk. Alas! I had someone help me drill the holes through with a drill and that made it a lot faster than using an awl- but not as accurate, so there is your compromise, I guess. Used nice acid free paper that I ripped down myself- so it has those handmade edges. And I printed out some camping/nature quotes on bottom of the pages in a nice faux, handwritten scrawl- some funny and some sentimental (Thoreau meets Dave Barry). Cover is made with a sturdy decorative paper that folds over to enclose the first/last page.

Put it in the bag and take it on a hike. Introspection should happen on the top of a mountain.

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