Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Book

My sis is having a baby! This one was made to fit in an old, beat up cigar box I had (fitting). I realized while doing this one that I am more of a structure girl than a content girl (what a statement). Anyway, I used acid free paper that I ripped down myself to make those nice rough edges- so it can last forever. And, I did add in some 'baby book' things like family tree, parents' story, foot and hand prints, lock of hair?, significance of a name, basic facts, etc. Plus lots of room for being pensive and pasting in photos. I added small, mini folios to each signature so that it would not bow (when you add a lot of external stuff to books like photos, the book tends to bow outward). And a button theme for cuteness. Now, maybe a book for the baby?...

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