Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Place

Last weekend, I dove into the art of letterpress, and let me tell you-it is a lot of work. Setting your type, cutting your paper, inking the press, proofing, messing up and doing surgery on your type, proofing, washing your hands, printing many copies, redistribute type, clean up. And repeat. This little 4 page book took me a whole day to make-on the last day of the class. March 7, 2010. Edition of 30. Inspired by my rickety, housemate filled home in West Asheville. Simple binding with a pamphlet stitch- green wax linen. White Italian Velata paper on the inside. Frank's homemade paper for the cover.

Thanks to Frank of Speakeasy Press at Asheville Bookworks for teaching me all I know. And to everyone in the class for making it so fun!

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